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It is founded in 1958.

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Terms of the articles' provision to
the journal "Sel'skiy Mechanizator"

The journal "Sel'skiy Mechanizator" publishes original theoretical, problematic, experimental and methodological articles, corresponding to the profile of the magazine, as well as analytical reviews. The editors do not accept the previously published articles. Articles should be accompanied by the following information:

• UDK; title; name of the authors (full), their contact numbers, e-mail. positions scientific degree, ranks, name of the sending university, academic institutions, other places of work; summary (3-4 lines), keywords (4-6), and the English translation of all this information.

• The main text (purpose of the work, theory, experimental procedure and the results, conclusions and practical application of results), references according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008 (do not use the bulleted lists).

The text (no more than 10 000 printable characters without the volume of the illustrations in their presence) must be in MS Word 2003 (format *.doc), using 14 pt with the standard fonts Symbol and TimesNewRoman with 1.5 line spacing and translations. All the margins of 20 mm. Variables are gaining in the italics, codes - in the straight.

Sophisticated mathematical expressions are typed in the formula editor, simple (not containing fractions, roots, composite indices, etc.) - in the text. Formulas should be typed as a whole, rather than fragments. All symbols in the formulas have to be deciphered, have the dimensions in the SI system. Only those formulas that are referenced in the text are to be numbered.

Graphical material (in detail below) is to be represented as separate files in the format of the program, where they were created (or as OLE objects to be opened in the original application). The figures must have only those symbols that are mentioned in the article. The numbering of the positions in a clockwise direction on the main form strictly sequential.

Figures should be available for editing. Each illustration is represented as a separate file.

The editors work primarily with the vector files. Please do not use the MS Paint or its analogs (* .bmp, * .pcx, * .png, * .gif are not accepted). Please do not insert captions into the illustrations. Do not save raster files in vector programs.

Types of graphic material receiving for publication:

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and others.

File formats: * .doc, * .rtf, * .xls, * .ppt, and others.

Graphs lines (diagrams, drawings) drawn in the MS Word, should be grouped together.

It is undesirable to make the combined figures (for example, to paint something be the means of MS Word on the top of the MS Excel chart embedded into MS Word file). It is necessary to attach the original file placing the bitmap images into the MS Word document.

The simple formulas and individual characters are typed in the MS Word line using the indexes and “Insert - symbol" operation. Complicated formulas are typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3.0. It is inadmissible to break the formula into several pieces and combine with the text element of the formula.

CorelDraw (up to version 11) or Adobe Illustrator (up to version 10).

File formats: * .cdr, * .ai, * .jpg, * .tif.

The fonts are not in the curves.

Digital pictures (file format * .jpeg) and scanned pictures (file format * .tif).

When taking pictures with a digital camera you need to do several takes from the one view - with a maximum resolution. When scanning choose the brightness and contrast settings by default for your scanner, the resolution should be at least 300 dpi, color model Grayscale (B / W) or RGB (color).

Do not expose the pretreatment of the image!

The article can be published only fulfilling the requirements for its design.